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17 jun 2024 om 18:21 The patty was much smaller than the bun so first bites were mostly bread. It was also a bit too rare and that if it would have been more flattened to cover most of the bun it would have probably have not been too rare... otherwise tasty.
26 apr 2024 om 14:00 We love their burgers. We placed a very substantial order at 18.50 h. The said it would tale 60 min. It arrived at 20.55 h. Food was very cold, not warm or pleasant. A very late, cold and expensive meal.
18 feb 2024 om 20:52 Heerlijke burger met topingrediënten. Ietwat aan de prijs wel. Maar zeker een aanrader.
6 jan 2024 om 11:44 Happy to see these folks on here, burger arrived with still crispy buns and still warm. its nicer in the shop but definitely still worthwhile here.